Oculus Rooms:

For this Oculus product rooms, I created 3 different time of day cube maps rendered in Unreal. For the actual environment itself, I prototyped different spaces and layout to help design feel out the space. I also modeled and textured the final environment with help from outsourcing for some props.


For the experience Farlands, I was tasked with taking designer geo to final look. I was responsible for art layout, texturing, shader writing and lighting in the screens below.

Quest Bogo:

In this VR experience, I created all of the environment art and props by myself. It consisted of 2d concepting, modeling, sculpting, texturing, lighting and skybox creation.

Oculus Prologue:

Multiple people were responsible for this scene. The first layout was by Chris Emonds. Afterwards, RJ Ranola took over, and lastly I finished it up. I went through and added the detail pass, optimization pass, UV layout, and re-lit the scene using pre-baked light maps from Modo.

Oculus Prototypes:

Tyler Walters and I worked on these prototypes during our downtime in between projects. In both of these I modeled all the environment, textured, and lit the scene. Derrick Hammond lit the fantasy looking environment.

Oculus First Contact:

I only played a supporting role in this project. It was mainly modeled by RJ Ranola and Chris Emonds with art direction from John Wallen. In this project, I helped texture and model the props like the butterfly and musical instruments. I did some layout of the level and simulated the wires to have realistic draping.

Quest NUX:

In this experience, I was responsible for 3d concepting character, some 2d character concepting, and final model of two environments. The challenge for this VR project was in using a mobile powered spec device. Though the hardware was limiting, the team was still able to create a visually interesting experience.

Oculus Home:

In this VR product, I mainly played a supporting role, modeling props and creating textures.