Halo 4 Spartan Ops DLC:

Halo 4 screenshots for Spartan Ops. I worked on all the Forerunner structures here except for one POI piece on the ceiling of the main hall. That and the terrain was done by Eli Hansleman. The entire Covenant interior environment was done by me as well. Rocks were done by Justin Dinges, lighting by Rae Chen, and structure work by Inyoung Yang.


Modeled and textured all the Forerunner pieces. Eli Hansleman was in charge of the organics and Justin Dinges tackled the layout and was lead of the map.


Here are some screens of another level I worked on. It is call Ragnarok, which is the spiritual successor of Halo 3's Valhalla. In this level, I updated the style of the old Forerunner architecture which are the gray shiny metal building. Essentially, I  completely remodeled and textured the whole building while conforming to the old levels game play spaces. I also lit the Forerunner architecture and some of the terrain.  Also, I worked on a lot of collision on this level, which is no doubt, my favorite part in making video games. 


Focused on Forerunner environment modeling and texturing with a team of other artists. This was my first multiplayer map I worked on at 343.


Some props I modeled that made it to cinematic.